Milia (Whiteheads)

Treatment and Management Advice


The layman term for Milia, Whiteheads, is often erroneously referred by beauticians as pre-oxidized or early stages of comedones before they became dark. NO! Whiteheads are not comedones. They are worlds apart. Whiteheads have no pore-openings like comedones have. So, they are also markedly different from Sebaceous Hyperplasia which are formed on hair-pores. Without hair-pores they are sealed and are much more diificult to rid off with products alone. Beauticians would use a sterylized needle to prick to make an incision and squeeze it out, though it’s not advisable as such rough handling could leave permanent scarring. Although it takes more time to rid them than comedones, the products recommended here are more effective than any others in town, without the need for needle prickings and squeezing!



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